Personal Data Protection Consulting

In the 21st century human rights and freedoms, including protection of privacy, are one of the most sensitive topics.

Misuse of personal data by personalities (storage, usage, accounting, transparency, etc.) may threaten the financial and moral conditions of the person and use the data legitimately in the future. For this reason, the Personal Data Protection Inspector periodically controls the companies and assesses the standards for processing personal information by them.

The results of the examination may be painful for a specific organization. In particular, the inspector may request temporary or permanent termination of data processing, impose relevant administrative responsibilities - fine, apply to court and others.

In order to avoid problems, companies are trying to process data according to the legislation. The company's obligation is to use personal data only to achieve a clearly defined goal so as to prevent data from unwanted disclosure to a third party, which is a great resource related and requires specific knowledge.

Loialte's team is ready to serve you in the process of personal data development in the following directions:

• Issuing consultations regarding personal data processing and preparation of recommendations:

   • Working in labor relations;

   • Financial institutions;

   • For healthcare companies;

   • Implementing advertising campaigns;

   • Protection of property safety;

   • For other companies providing services;

• Bring conclusions to the requirements of the law of personal data protection;
• Representation in personal data protection institution and court.