In recent years Georgia has become attractive for foreign investors, because of the legislative base and low bureaucracy in the country. International ratings are also confirmed by this. Annually, interest in the implementation of business initiatives in Georgia or other short-term projects is increasing.

Any business activity is accompanied by a tax or legal risks, any businessman who is well aware of this risks starts taking care of the operating business, the backed up by a reliable and professional team of people, which will help to avoid these risks and to provide a high quality of service.

Realizing the importance of foreign investments to the country, we would like to pay particular attention to their services and offer all possible services that are necessary for the proper business conduct.

Loialte offers you

Support for starting a business

In the entire cycle of business activity, the initial stage is one of the most responsible and challenging part, which in most cases affects further development.

Planning priorities is a key factor in determining success.

Operations in a foreign country are related to special challenges. The Loialte's professionals team will help you start and develop your business, minimazing commercial, financial or legal risks.


Tax audits include examination of the accounting and tax accounting status of the past and current accounting period, determination of compliance with the accounting data on tax returns and tax compliance with the tax authority. Tax audits are conducted as complex, as well as for individual tax issues. As a result of the service, you will receive a written report where all the shortcomings revealed by the inspection, the level of tax risk and the ways of their neutrality will be presented.


Correct and timely advice is important in any type of business, especially when it comes to sanctions risks that can cause fatal consequences for business. Our professional consultants are ready to engage in the work process and consult with tax issues, namely:

  • Monitoring of company accounting records
  • Declarations audit, before submitting to the Tax Authority. Our consultant will give you recommendations in case of identification gaps in it.
  • Individual and Corporate Tax Planning
  • Local and global taxes
  • Instant Information about Tax law Changes
  • Involvement in the formation of new products
  • Once a year, the company's staff will be trained

Representation with tax authorities

  • Filling the forms provided by the tax notification and participation in the first interview
  • Consultation and support in the process of audit provided by the revenue service of Georgia

Support for tax disputes

  • Participate and stating an opinion in the discussion of the draft act regard to tax audit
  • Appealing a tax demand at the appropriate instance

Preparation of business documents (contract, protocol)

Business negotiations (business deals) as a trustee

Other consultations on customer's request


  • Regular financial accounting
  • Review previous reports
  • Main accountant servicing
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly reports

Service includes both full and partial outsourcing


"Loialte" offers real estate assessment according to international standards both in Tbilisi and regions.

We assess :

  • Commercial building
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Apartment
  • House
  • Land (farming, homestead, commercial)

You will also be advised to buy / sell real estate.

You will be served by certified assessors.


In the growing conditions of modern market economy, more and more are regulated by various legal relations and the issue of solving legal problems. From this perspective, it is important for each individual and legal person to develop high standards of legal assistance and protection of their rights and practice in practice.

Today, qualified legal assistance in Georgia is particularly problematic in areas such as business subjects (companies). It is problematic to arrange companies' internal corporate structure and to strengthen the legitimate legal relations with the employer, as well as regulating contractual relations arising from third parties.

In order to resolve the problematic issue, "loialte" offers qualified legal services in the following areas of the law:

  • Consulting with the launch of business
  • Corporate law
  • The company's charter,
  • Preparation of foundation documents
  • Preparation of other corporate documentation
  • Contract law
  • Consultations on banking relations
  • Consulting related to the loan receipt
  • Buying and Selling Assets, Relations with Debtors
  • Labour Law:
    • To make labor agreements
    • Work on internal regulations
    • Work descriptions
  • Representation in court / arbitration