Tax Consulting and Optimization

  • In any business, timely and accurate advice is crucial, especially when dealing with potential sanctions that could have severe repercussions for the business. Our professional consultants are prepared to assist you with various tax-related matters, including:

    • Oversight of the company's accounting records
    • Examination of tax declarations for submission to regulatory authorities, with the issuance of recommendations to address identified deficiencies
    • Tailored tax planning for individuals and corporations
    • Real-time updates on changes in tax regulations
    • Involvement in the product development process
    • Annual training for your company's relevant staff
    • Representation with Tax Authorities
      • Completing forms provided by tax authorities and participating in initial interviews.
      • Offering consultations and assistance during monitoring and inspection processes.
    • Support in Tax Disputes
      • Presenting tax payer's position on tax inspection findings and participating in discussions.
      • Filing appeals against tax claims with the appropriate authorities.
    • Preparation of official business documents, including contracts and protocols
    • Facilitation of business negotiations and deals in a trustee capacity
    • Additional consultations tailored to clients' specific requirements

Teona Kunchulia [email protected]

Associate partner - tax department

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