tax consulting

Correct and timely advice is important in any type of business, especially when it comes to sanctions risks that can cause fatal consequences for business. Our professional consultants are ready to engage in the work process and consult with tax issues, namely:

  • Monitoring of company accounting records
  • Declarations audit, before submitting to the Tax Authority. Our consultant will give you recommendations in case of identification gaps in it.
  • Individual and Corporate Tax Planning
  • Local and global taxes
  • Instant Information about Tax law Changes
  • Involvement in the formation of new products
  • Once a year, the company's staff will be trained

Representation with tax authorities

  • Filling the forms provided by the tax notification and participation in the first interview
  • Consultation and support in the process of audit provided by the revenue service of Georgia

Support for tax disputes

  • Participate and stating an opinion in the discussion of the draft act regard to tax audit
  • Appealing a tax demand at the appropriate instance

Preparation of business documents (contract, protocol)

Business negotiations (business deals) as a trustee

Other consultations on customer's request


Teona Kunchulia

Associate partner - tax department

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