Assistance in legal compliance

Legal compliance and consulting refers to the research processes whether client’s business activities are in compliance with the current legislation or not . Research of the Legal compliance  includes examination of all important legal circumstances among them  assessment of legislation, existing agreements and negotiations between the parties.

Legal compliance research and consultation has its important for  the client, based on it he/she is able to make decisions and conduct business activities in full compliance with legislation of  Georgia in force and within its boundaries

As a result of consultation with Loialte legal’s lawyers,  client receives all important and necessary legal information, with analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the case,  legal solutions to various problems, assessment and analysis of commercial risk factors. The consultation process also includes providing legal advice on all relevant issues. Our lawyers ensure to update clients with the relevant information regarding the legislative changes (if any) which  might  affect on  their safe business activities.

To use of legal service of regulatory compliance shall be started before the supervisory authorities starts the investigation processes of the company’s activities, it’s highly recommended to be assisted by the lawyer at the initial stage of the business activities.  ,

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Head of the Legal Department

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