Regulatory Compliance

The aim of the "Loialte" is to help organizations to mitigate work related risks and ensure compliance by developing special programs and processes. Every organization is unique. To meet goals inside the organization, we offer custom fitted consultations and practical tools. 

Our services:
Assessment of AML/CFT program - This service comprises a comprehensive revision of an organization's AML/CFT program, assessment of the ML/TF risk identification and management system, determination of compliance of policies and procedures with legislation and international standards, assessing the effectiveness of software, determining the adequateness of redistribution of duties and responsibilities, determining the effectiveness of process, reviewing prior transactions ("look back"), etc. 
Enterprise risk assessment (ERA) design and implementation - The service includes the implementation of a system for identification of risks, based on strategies and complexity of the organization. The service provides an opportunity to determine adequate mitigating measures and effectively allocate resources, though accurate and timely identification of risks. 
Design and implementation of a system of internal control - Considering the characteristics of business processes, this service designs the organizational system of control, implements policies and procedures in accordance with legislation, international standards, best practices, etc.
Technological consulting - Service comprises determining and consulting adequate software characteristics of Anti-money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism system.

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