IT Audit and Consulting

List of audit services

  • Assess IT Operating Part
  • Full IT audit
  • Architectural sustainability assessment
  • Blind check (Black box testing)
  • Determination of unauthorized penetration level (VAPT / Security impact)

Assess IT Operating Part

In order to ensure that daily activity of IT technologies is more effective and efficient, there is a need to have the processes and procedures tailored to the particular company and their proper performance. The audit will enable the company management team to correctly evaluate the performance of the IT technologies and, according to the results, to achieve the best performance, plan the necessary changes in the specific direction and optimal cost.


  • Introducing the internal cuisine of the company's information technology
  • Analysis of structures, procedures, processes and other relevant documents
  • Observing daily work
  • Interview with related resources
  • Review the studied material
  • Presentation of current situation and improvement capabilities report

Information Technology (IT) Audit

With the development of the company, information technology and resource development is essential. In many cases rapid growth leads to a decrease in quality, which in turn puts the risk of access to information reliability and availability. Caring for quality maintenance is as sustainable as development. This is why it is necessary to constantly study the effectiveness of the performance of applications, services, physical or human resources, processes and procedures, and analyze and describe the ways of improvement.

The audit will allow you to provide uniformity and availability of information in accordance with business requirements.

The audit will help you to secure the security of information systems and the full resources of applications.


The IT audit is important because it guarantees that IT systems are adequately protected, provide reliable information to the consumer and are well managed to get a pre-calculated benefit.

Although there is no obligation by law, there are several important reasons why it can be useful, for instance: investors and creditors may be interested in your current financial condition to be able to make the appropriate decision.

  • Systems and Applications: Testing that determines the efficient and adequate control level of systems and applications that ensure proper, reliable, timely and safely processing of information on all stages of system activity.
  • Information processing facilities: Checking that the technical calculation environment in a normal and potentially disruptive environment is manageable to ensure timely, accurate and effective processing of the application
  • Development of the system: Checking that the development processes meet the goals of the organization and ensure the development of systems in accordance with recognized / accepted standards
  • Management of IT and Architecture: Testing that Information Technology Management has developed organizational structure and procedures to provide a controlled and effective environment for information processing
  • Customer / Server, Telecommunication, Intranet and Extranet: Check that the telecommunications control is on the network connecting to the client (service recipable computer), server and client and server.

Architectural sustainability assessment (Architectural assessment)

Many years of our team's experience in different fields will give you a great advantage when creating a convenient and necessary environment for the introduction of products or services. The correct and effective architectural decision is necessary for effective and efficient work of existing and future systems. That is why in the development of significant changes and / or new systems, the best ways to interact with existing internal and external resources will be determined and planing structure of the expected future changes.

The process of architectural sustainability will cover the following issues:

  • Determine the criteria the quality of the minimum acceptable system
  • To satisfy the functional and non-functional requirements, the architecture and documentation of existing systems should be considered
  • Create explanatory documentation of architectural solutions
  • Precisely determine the possible risks in the absence of architecture
  • Better engagement of stakeholders to get a valid architectural decision


  • Preliminary assessment, budgeting and agreement
  • Analysis of existing documents
  • Study the idea of the new product and the essence
  • Bring the requirements to the existing configuration. Determining future plans
  • Discuss the results and determine the possibility of improvement
  • The final report of the results


Blind check (Black box testing)

This type of testing allows business to reveal the previously unknown risks. "Blind Check" is the best method to minimize the risk of leakage of important information and increase the security level of vulnerable systems. Such tests are used as a human resource as well as special equipment. The technical advantage excludes human errors, and in the event of a series of coincides, the best picture. Data collected as a result of testing will be processed and it will also facilitate unauthorized actions against well-protected systems.



  • Check and inquiry of checking directions
  • Evaluation of risks caused by testing results
  • Creating a Testing Action Plan
  • Assessment, budgeting and agreement
  • Testing according to the Action Plan and the Stage Report
  • Review the results
  • Submit the final report of the results

Determination of unauthorized penetration level (VAPT / Security impact)

Determining the level of information security in the company is essential for avoiding internal non-authoritarian attacks on external threats.

Determining the level of penetration and vulnerability is necessary to outline and evaluate risks that may occur during the incidents. The timely evaluation of each vulnerability and determination of the priority of the solution is crucially important for businesses to follow the technologies and businesses to follow a line of management and information.


  • Detecting Critical Applications for Business and Study of Inspecting Environment and
  • Applications
  • Develop an Action Plan
  • Evaluation of risks caused by testing results
  • Assessment, budgeting and agreement
  • Find and verify information for access
  • Testing according to the Action Plan and the Stage Report
  • Review the results
  • The final report of the results


Improve the quality and reliability of critical services for business

Following the identification of business critical systems, their optimization phase is drawn. In order to ensure that technical means are in line with the business activity, it is necessary to determine the need for loading and availability. The strategic technical means should be optimized to ensure that the level of accessibility and reliability is at least 20% higher than the minimum requirements to prevent the development of the business. The coefficient of improvement of technical means determines the willingness to facilitate permanent and fast growth of business.

Architectural decision for rapidly growing systems and applications

Creating and implementing a new system is important for any business venture or well-established big company. The main task is to effectively merge the existing environment, and most importantly, calculating future requirements. When making such a decision it is necessary to assess the architecture of the whole technical or technical arsenal and determine the correct decision that will not limit the subsequent changes. Architectural solution will reveal the most effective and effective way to work and develop the environment.

Disaster Plan - DR

Risks from time and time are a natural process in the development of business. Therefore it is important that each of the risks are well-informed, thoughtful and recognized in order to plan the exact schedule of measures necessary to eliminate risks.

  • Reputable damage
    Interruption of services and systems, or temporarily unplugged switching causes a change of user's favor. Losses caused by reputational risk may be an indefinite decline in the company's activities, promoting the use of competing services that will put the service profits in the long term. A lot of time and work are needed to gain reputation, and the loss of it in modern environment is possible. That's why the company should have a plan of action for a disaster plan in a well-established and working condition to minimize the risk of a possible loss.
  • People are mistaken
    Even in the most protected and best organizational structures, there may be a violation security by the human . In this case, no automated system will be 100% guarantee that elimination of risks without losses, so there must be a strictly defined plan that determines the level of action in similar situations.
  • Errors in the hardware
    There is nothing ideal and constant that gives us the basis to allow for the facts of failing physical or virtual equipment over time. The existence and maintenance of duly saved and protected backup copies is one of the most important part of the effectiveness of the catastrophe period. That is why we are beginning to develop a complete plan for the creation of copies of management.
  • Uninterrupted access
    Modern business demands are becoming more and more frequent, and in many cases it is necessary to have a 24-hour permanent access to the agenda. During this period, the annual total deductible 1 day can be determined by the overall profitability of the business. Therefore, maintaining continuity of business requires ensuring guaranteed availability, which is impossible without a plan of catastrophe. We take into consideration the basic requirements as well as the preparedness criteria for testing, so that the technical means always respond to business requirements.

Migration risk mitigation and optimization

Any size of information technology resource or migration of infrastructure may arise threats that may trigger an unmanageable work in the future and / or business continuity. The key to success in implementing such projects is just a thorough study and proper planning.

We ensure the identification of the interested parties, identifying the touch points, correct assessment of the risks and managing them, allowing us to identify the necessary works, their schedule and sequence for comfortable and efficient migration. Every change is accompanied by unforeseen circumstances that ultimately lead to migration


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